Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about pet insurance from Kido Pet.

Policy Basics

When does my policy start and what are the waiting periods?

As soon as you pick which plan you want and sign up with Kido Pet your fur kids are covered. No waiting for us to check your pets’ clinical history with your vet – we’ll do this on your first claim. No waiting period for Accident cover. Thirty (30) day waiting period for Illness.

Is a veterinary exam required to enrol in Kido Pet Insurance?

No vet exam is required to sign your fur kid up with Kido Pet and get them covered.

Can I visit any veterinarian in South Africa?

Your fur kid is covered at any Veterinary Practice registered with the South African Veterinary Council. So if you on holiday, need an Emergency Hospital or your fur kid is referred to a Specialist Vet, no worries, they covered.

What is my excess per claim?

Whether it is for an Accident or Illness claim, your excess per claim will always be 15% of the claim minimum R250.

Does my pet have to be spayed or neutered?

No need. We cover your fur kid whether they are sterilised or still intact. Unless you are a professional breeder, we do however strongly recommend sterilisation of your fur kid.

How do you determine a pre-existing condition?

We check this out when you lodge your fur kid’s first claim. We will go through your pet’s clinical history at your primary vet and any other vet practices that your fur kid has been to in the past. Any condition that could result in long term problems or become a chronic condition will be deemed as pre-existing.

Will Kido Pet Insurance waive pre-existing conditions?

If your fur kid has not experienced a pre-existing condition or complication thereof for a full policy year this will be reviewed upon policy renewal.

About Kido Pet’s Plans & Coverages

How does the Family plan work?

Our Family Plan is the beauty of our product and what we are most excited about. You can cover up to 3 fur kids on our Family Plan for the price of 1. We spread the risk of which pet gets sick or injured so you can now afford to cover all of them. No more having to choose which fur kid is more likely to go to the vet… and then the other one gets sick. Or just not covering any of them at all. How do we do this? Using the Kido Best Plan as an example, we take the maximum annual limit of R30 000-00 for one pet and spread it over all three so that at least one of the three will be covered for up to R15 000-00 and there is still cover to spare for the other 2 pets. If you want to understand this product better checkout our Rates & Benefits, email us on or give us a call on 012 667 1293.

What's covered?

Depending on which plan you choose your pet/s will be covered for the following:

Kido Must – Cover for Accidents only

Kido Best – Cover for Accident, Illness and Third Party.

Breeder Extension – Cover for breeding bitches can be added to the Kido Best Plan.

What's not covered?

Unfortunately we don’t cover pre-existing conditions or any routine care. No conditions related to breeding or reproduction will be covered unless you have the Breeder Extension which can be added to the Kido Best Plan.

What else is excluded?

We don’t cover your pet for any elective or cosmetic procedures.

If you willingly give your pet a bone to chew on and something goes wrong due to this we won’t cover this. Bones as treats for our fur kids is an absolute No No.

We don’t cover any transplants, prosthetics or replacements

Any home visits from your vet and voluntary euthanasia of a healthy pet is for your own account

We do not cover cremation services above the basic or any post mortems

We do not cover any treatment for behaviour modification including training

Pandemic and non-endemic diseases will not be covered

Any genetic or chromosome testing will be for your own account

We do not cover pets used for commercial purposes eg. Police dogs, search & rescue dogs etc.

We do not cover you for the boarding or transport of your pet

If your pet gets lost or strays, any advertising or rewards offered will be for your own account

If your dog has a history for getting into fights with other dogs, we will not cover the vet fees for your dog or any third party if you willingly walked him in a public place OFF LEAD

Any injury or illness due to war activities, riots, strikes or terrorism is excluded

What do you cover under the Breeders Extension?

We cover dystocia, C-sections and milk fever under this extension. We only provide cover for the breeders doing it the right way. You must be a member of a regulated Breed Organisation and your bitch / queen must be registered with said organiation for breeding purposes. You yourself must be an active member of this organisation. Your bitch / queen will only be covered if she skips a cycle between each successful whelping. If you have the Breeders Extension and decide to discontinue it, we will not be able to reinstate it without consideration. We will also not add this extension to an already pregnant bitch / queen.

What is an accidental injury?

An unforeseen incident resulting in injury to your fur kid that could not be prevented. Examples are being involved in a motor vehicle accident, bite wounds, swallowing a toy or stone, poisoning, allergic reaction, breaking a bone, tendon injury, stomach torsion….

What is an illness?

Any change to your pet’s normal healthy state resulting in them becoming sick or diseased and that is diagnosed by a veterinarian. Examples being gastro, diabetes, tick bite fever, ear infection, kidney failure, heart problems….

Does my pet need to be micro-chipped?

No microchip or other permanent form of identification is necessary. However we strongly advise that your kid does have a permanent form of identification in the event they stray or get lost.

How does Kido Pet compare to other insurance companies?

We offer Family Plans – You can cover up to 3 pets, dogs with cats, for the price of 1. No more guessing which pet might get sick next, you can now afford to cover them all.

We cover breeding bitches for C-Sections, Dystocia and Milk Fever

We don’t discriminate between breeds. Whether you are a Dachshund or a Frenchie – you covered.

There is no upper age limit – we welcome the beloved Golden Oldies

You sign up knowing exactly what your fur kids are and aren’t covered for. There is no fine print. Our plans are that simple.

We don’t charge an additional Vet Consulting Fee per month as our Founder and the person who will be managing your claims is a qualified Veterinarian.

Managing My Policy

How will I receive my policy documents?

Once you’ve signed your fur kids up with Kido Pet we will send you your policy documents within 2 working days via email with a confirmation of which plan your kids are on and how much you will be debited per month.

How do I renew my policy?

We will automatically renew your policy on an annual basis and email you your updated policy.

Will my premium increase at renewal?

Depending on your fur kids’ claim history or if any of them have developed a chronic condition Insurers may increase your premium and note exclusions pertaining to a specific fur kid on the renewal policy. You will be able to respond to this before your renewal changes take effect.

Can I change my pet's coverage?

Of course. If you want to increase your fur kids cover from Kido Must to Kido Best then simply pop us an email to request the upgrade. Your claims history will be carried through to the Kido Best Plan. If your fur kids are lucky and had no claims during their policy year and you’d like to decrease cover from Kido Best to Kido Must then again pop us an email. If any of your fur kids have had claims on the Kido Best plan and you wish to downgrade to the Kido Must, your claim history will apply to the new Kido Must limits. If your claims are already over the Kido Must limits then unfortunately you will not be able to downgrade until the end of your policy year. You can let us know if you would like to decrease cover at the time of your annual renewal.

How do I add a pet to an existing policy or account?

If you only have 1 fur kid covered with us under an Individual Plan and you want to cover the rest of the fur kids then simply pop us an email and we will discuss upgrading you to our Family Plan and what other options are available for you depending on how many fur kids you would like to add.

If you have more than 3 fur kids and you want them all covered then you will need to have more than one Family Plan to cover them all.

What happens if I move?

Pop us an email and let us know in writing what your new risk address will be and the date you and your fur kids intend on moving in to your new home.

How do I cancel my policy?

Pop us an email and request cancellation of your policy in writing. Please do let us know your reasoning for cancellation so we can use this feedback to improve our service for all our fur kids still with us.

Billing & Payment

How do I make payment?

We will debit the account you enter when you sign up with us on a monthly basis. You will be debited in advance (at the start of the month for the month).

Can I change the day my debit order goes off?

Yes of course. You have 3 different dates to choose from: 28th, 1st or 3rd. If you decide you want to change the day you are debited on please pop us an email. We need to be informed by the 15th of the month for the correct day to be debited for the following month.

What if my banking details change?

It is your responsibility to let us know if your bank account details change. Pop us an email with your new account details. We need to be informed by the 15th of the month for the correct account to be debited for the following month.

Do I pay my vet?

Yes. You will need to settle with your Vet before lodging a claim with us. We will then settle your claim less the excess according to the Kido Plan your fur kids are on and policy wordings.

Can I reinstate my coverage if my policy cancels due to non-payment?

We have the right to cancel your policy if we do not receive payment for 2 consecutive months. Any claim that falls after any non-payment will not be paid out.


How do I file a claim?

Download our claim form from our site or ask us to email you one. Send the completed claim form, along with a copy of your detailed invoice from your vet. If it is the first time you are claiming for this specific fur kid, we will need to get a full clinical history from your Vet and any other Vet practices that may have treated your pet in the past. Once we have all documents we will start processing your claim. For all future claims we will only need the clinical history pertaining to the claim in question.

How do I get reimbursed or check my claim status?

Once your claim is processed, we will credit your account less the excess. Payment can take 2 to 5 working days from the start of processing your claim.

How is my excess calculated?

There is a standard excess of 15% of the claim minimum R250-00 no matter what Plan your fur kid is on. For example, if the total amount you can claim for is R3 000-00 then your account will be credited with R2 550-00 (R3 000-00 less an excess of R450-00).

Should I file a claim if my bill is less than my excess?

Yes, please do. If this is the start of a more long term illness/injury down the line, it is best to keep a documented clinical timeline with us. Even if we do not credit your account for this claim now, we may include this incident in a more long term illness down the line. If you have not reported this incident to us then unfortunately you won’t be able to claim for this down the line.

Do I need pre-authorisation from Kido Pet for veterinary treatment?

The only treatment you will need pre-authorisation for is for any chronic conditions. A condition is considered chronic if it continues for more than 3 months consecutively or intermittently and will most likely need lifelong treatment. If not a pre-existing condition, Kido Pet will cover this condition for up to 3 months. Once considered a chronic condition pre-authorisation will be required to continue treatment for this condition based on a revised monthly premium, limit and excess. If these new conditions are not accepted by you, the policy holder, then this chronic condition will be excluded from cover going forward.

Is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period for Accidental and Third Party cover. A thirty (30) day waiting period exists for any Illness. Any illness or injury that occurs during the thirty (30) day waiting period will be deemed as pre-existing once the waiting period is complete.

How long do I have to file a claim?

You have thirty (30) days to file a claim after settling the bill with your Vet.

Other stuff to know

Are there age requirements for Kido Pet policies?

Fur kids must be 8 weeks or older to be covered. There is no upper age limit – all Golden Oldies are covered with us.

What if I am not sure about my pet's age?

No problem. Take your fur kid to your local vet for a check-up and ask them to estimate your fur kids current age.

Does Kido Pet offer routine cover?

No we don’t. We feel quite strongly that Pet Insurance is for those times at the Vet that you cannot plan for.

What are Kido Pet's discounts?

Our Family Plan is so affordable and is our equivalent of a multiple pet discount. You can insure 3 pets for the price of 1. And we’re not kidding 🙂

Does Kido Pet have a Money Back Guarantee?

If you sign your fur kids up with us and then decide you don’t need vet cover for your pets anymore, you have 14 days from sign up to request cancellation and your first monthly premium returned. Of course if any of your fur kids have had a claim within this time frame you can either choose to have your first monthly premium reimbursed or the claim paid out before cancellation.

What are the Kido Pet Holiday Hours?

You can email us any time of the day, month, year if you wish. We will get back to you between 8am and 5pm week days when we are also available telephonically. We are unfortunately not available weekends and public holidays and will give you notice for when we are available over the Christmas period.

What is Be Wise Sterilise?

Kido Pet Insurance is a proud supporter of Be Wise Sterilise (BWS), an NPO that is doing important work in sterilising abandoned and unwanted animals. BWS also assists people who cannot afford to have their companion pets sterilised.

Lack of sterilisation is a major issue, that leads to the unnecessary birth and subsequent euthanasia of thousands of animals each year.

Click here to learn more.

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