Definitions & Explanations

We’ve listed and defined some of the insurance terms you’re likely to come across on our website:

Accident, Accidental, Accidentally An unforeseen incident resulting in injury to your pet and cannot be prevented. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Burn or electrocution
  • Near drowning
  • Actions of another animal
  • Swallowed/embedded foreign body needing endoscopic/surgical removal
  • Allergic reaction to insect bite (not tick or flea); Snake bite
  • Poisoning
  • Fractured bone
  • Traumatic ligament or tendon injury
  • Puncture, lacerations, abrasions or wounds
  • Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (Stomach Torsion)


Benefit Refers to the refundable portion of a finalised claim less the excess. For example, if the total amount you can claim from any one incident is R3 000-00 then you will be credited R3 000-00 less the excess (15% of claim minimum R250). Your Benefit would therefore be R3 000-00 less R340-00 = R2 550-00. If you are on the Best Plan and your claim exceeds the total annual limit per pet of R15 000-00 then the maximum benefit paid out would be R12 750-00 (R15 000-00 less R2 250-00).


Breeding Bitch / Queen Breeding bitch / queen specified on the policy and covered under the Breeder Extension. The named bitch / queen must be registered with a regulated Breed Organisation and the registered owner/Insured must be an active member of this organisation.


Clinical signs Refers to deviations in your pet’s normal healthy state, bodily functions or behaviour.


Chronic condition A condition that persists for more than 3 months of your pet’s life whether intermittently or consecutively. Pre-authorisation from Kido Pet will be needed to continue cover for chronic conditions which are subject to specified conditions, limits & excesses depending on the individual case moving forward. These terms can be declined by you, but this chronic condition will then be excluded from any future cover.


Commercial purpose Any pet that is not treated as an at-home/companion pet. This includes, but is not limited to the following working purposes: police/guard/security work, search & rescue, customs, quarantine, racing, betting, research, commercial breeding, leased/rented out.


Congenital defect A condition present from birth of the pet due to a development problem during gestation.


Dystocia Difficulty in giving birth to puppies or kittens


Elective & Cosmetic Procedure A procedure that your veterinarian deems unnecessary and is for the owner’s preference as opposed to the pet’s health.


Excess The amount the policy holder will have to pay towards the claimable portion of a finalised claim. This is a standard 15% of the claim minimum R250 no matter which Plan you are on.


Hereditary condition Refers to a condition that is passed down to a pet from their parents and can show clinical signs at any time during that pet’s life.


Illness Any change to your pet’s normal healthy state resulting in them becoming sick or diseased and diagnosed by a veterinarian.


Injury Accidental, acute physical harm to your pet as a result of external, visible means. The outcome is independent of any other cause including pre-existing physical, congenital or hereditary conditions.


Incident The event involving your pet that you can claim for.


Insured Refers to the policy holder and person responsible for the pet/s listed on the Policy.


Maximum sublimit per claim Maximum benefit paid out per claim including the excess.


Non-endemic disease A disease that is known to not occur in a certain area.


Pandemic disease A new disease that has never existed before or is new to a certain area that causes widespread illness to dogs and / or cats.


Pet Refers to your dog or cat listed and covered on your policy.


Policy year A 12 month period from the day the Policy incepts until renewal 1 year later. Renewal will default to the 1st of the month your policy incepted.


Pre-existing condition A condition, illness or injury that effected your pet before the inception of your policy or within the waiting period. This includes congenital, genetic and hereditary conditions.


Risk address Your home where you and your pets reside the majority of the year in South Africa


Routine care & Preventative treatment Any treatment or procedure that would involve the daily upkeep and living expenses of your pet. These expenses you as a responsible owner should be aware of when taking a pet into your home and includes annual check-ups, vaccinations, sterilisation, anal gland expression, nail clipping, ear cleaning, dentals, external and internal parasite treatment & prevention, grooming, nutrition and supplements.


Total annual limit per pet The maximum benefit paid out per policy year per pet listed on your policy including excesses.


Total annual limit per policy Refers to the maximum benefit that will be paid out per policy year for your policy including excesses.


Treatment Refers to any care given to or procedure performed on your pet at a veterinary practise.


Vet fees Refers to the reasonable costs charged to a pet owner for the treatment of their pet by a veterinarian. Fees deemed excessive will be re-evaluated at the reasonable fee charged by your average veterinarian for that condition.


Vet, Veterinarian A doctor qualified in the treatment of dogs and cats and registered with the South African Veterinary Council as a veterinarian.


Vet practice A veterinary practice, hospital, clinic, surgery or centre that you take your pet to be treated by a qualified veterinarian and is registered with the South African Veterinary Council.


Waiting period The period between policy inception and the date from which you can first lodge a claim. No waiting period exists for Accidental Injury or Third Party cover. There is a thirty (30) day waiting period for Illnesses. Any conditions, including congenital or hereditary, that manifests within the thirty (30) day waiting period will be excluded from cover as these will now be deemed as pre-existing.


We, our, us Refers to Centriq Insurance Company Limited, the Insurers.


You, your, yours Refers to the insured or policyholder.