Be Wise Sterilise

Kido Pet Insurance is a proud supporter of Be Wise Sterilise (BWS), an NPO that is doing important work in sterilising abandoned and unwanted animals. BWS also assists people who cannot afford to have their companion pets sterilised.

Lack of sterilisation is a major issue, that leads to the unnecessary birth and subsequent euthanasia of thousands of animals each year.

Quite simply, it has created a problem where hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals are being born each year. Without homes or care of any kind, the majority of these animals land up in shelters, which quickly reach full capacity. There are too few people willing to adopt and rescue these poor animals, who are then euthanised because they cannot be cared for. In the meantime, these unwanted animals can and do continue breeding, unchecked.

Lack of sterilisation is arguably the greatest challenge facing animal welfare concerning domestic pets.

Kido Pet Insurance has pledged to donate R5 per policy each month to Be Wise Sterilise.

Do you want to donate?

Every little bit counts. Kindly make your donation via EFT to the following account:

Account Name: Be Wise Sterilise
Account no: 6240 155 0018
Bank: FNB
Branch: Lynwood
Branch code: 252-045

Click here to find out more about Be Wise Sterilise.